Symptoms of alcoholism

Alcoholism is a chronic illness marked by the uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages, which interferes with physical and mental health and with social, family or professional responsibilities. Alcohol are  the only drug accepted by society, therefore it is difficult to diagnose the difference between drinking socially, and being considered alcoholic. For this reasons if you have any of these symptoms below, the best option is   always to seek for a medical  help, in specialized clinic. Look –

The most  difficult step is always to accept the problem, and look for help, So here we list the main symptoms, of alcohol addiction:
-High Tolerance to the effects of alcohol, always need to drink more for experience alcohol effects
-Need for daily or frequent alcohol consumption for adequate performance
-Lack of control over alcohol consumption, with inability to stop or reduce intake
-Drink when you are alone,
-Make excuses to drink, if you happy, or sad , or stressed
-Episodes of memory loss associated with alcohol consumption (gaps)
-Episodes of violence associated with alcohol consumption
-Interference in social and family relationships or occupational responsibilities
-Behavioral problems such as failure to work
-Compulsion and uncontrollable urge to drink. One imagines himself incapable of abstinence.
-Unexplained mood swings, from euphoria to sadness
-Reserved behavior to conceal alcohol-related behavior
-Hostility when faced with alcohol consumption
-Neglect of food intake
-Neglect of physical appearance
-Morning tremor
-Abdominal pain
-Numbness and tingling
-Red and dilated facial capillaries (especially in the nose)
-Abstinence -Physical and psychic symptoms that appear when consumption is reduced or withdrawn, eg tremors, irritability, sweating, increased blood pressure, etc.
-The person starts to drink preventively to avoid the abstinence symptoms described above.
-Drinking becomes a priority.
-Desire or unsuccessful efforts to reduce or control substance use.

According to  the patient rehabilitated Paul Robertson “ For me was very hard to admit these drinking problems, but my life was going upside down, my family  bring me one that forms from one clinic, and I score 70% the answers to be considered alcoholic, from these point, i was sure that i need to fight for my life, looking for a treatment, was  the best solution. Because it was in the very begin, my treatment was pretty fast, and I could restart my life”

As alcoholism progresses  the  consumption  also takes place in inappropriate places such as the workplace, streets, public areas, because the person loose gradactivilly the control for their actions, and the sense of what is appropriate
For Tom Brown “ I  just took an action and look for help, after lost my job, things get out of control, at some point, and I couldn’t mind my life anymore”

It also very important to have a correct diagnostic, in order  to differentiate abusive consumption of alcohol from total dependence, because the treatment is totally different.


Which organs alcohol will damage

Many of us already know the various harms that alcohol causes in the life of the alcoholic dependent. But besides the social, moral and family problems, the abusive use of the drink, attacks the body in several areas. For this reason, it is necessary that specialized support be sought before the damage is irreversible. Clinics, such as , offer all the support you need to quit because you have extensive knowledge on the subject, and different treatment methods.

Here are some parts of the body affected by alcoholism:

Digestive system. Alcohol can cause inflammation throughout the body. Specifically, the lining of the stomach can be inflamed, preventing the absorption of vitamins and nutrients. Excessive alcohol consumption can also damage the pancreas, which produces hormones that regulate metabolism and help digest fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Heart. Alcohol dependence may increase the likelihood of developing hypertension, heart failure, and stroke.

Liver. Excessive alcohol consumption in the long run can damage the liver and reduce its ability to release glucose, which may increase the risk of hypoglycaemia, low blood sugar. Liver injury can lead to various health complications, such as haemorrhagic disorders, reduced brain function, and liver failure.

Eyes. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can weaken and paralyze the eye muscles.

Central Nervous system. Alcohol-dependent may feel numbness and tingling in their hands or feet. Can also cause erratic thinking, dementia, and short-term memory loss.


The next phase of treatment of alcohol problems

Alcohol problem can be treated by psychotherapy. But it is important to meet a good and committed professional who will carry out appropriate treatment therapy. Honestly, it is worth to remember that each person needs individual approach. There are no patterns that fit to all situations.

The initial phase

Initial phase defined in the psychotherapy of alcoholic addiction this moment, when the patient needs to start reducing drinking.

a. Sometimes it is not possible to stop drinking in the moment because it caused complications, craving and anxiety.

b. But to minimize the consumption of alcohol is a step in the right direction. During the initial phase, it is necessary to motivate the patient.

c. The patient is struggling not only with problems from the physical but also mental problems. Hawthorn is so large that sometimes the initial phase should be supported using chemical preparations.

Primary phase

i. Phase of which is to work with the patient, the aim of which is to alert him that he has a problem and that it needs to fight with this problem.

ii. Addicted person should first of all try to get a change of lifestyle. Health- promoting actions not only help to heal, but also cause the patient begins to feel better, sleep better and sees the advantages of sobriety.

iii. Such a change could have a positive impact on his attitude. The resort that offers treatment of addiction can be found on page


Why Wifi service is necessary at healthcare

Although clinical care is the focus of any medical center, the demand for wireless technology in the modern world is more necessary  every day, and the healthcare sector would not be out of that need for long. Currently there are companies specialized in providing infrastructure hospitality wifi from this site – Patients, visitors and internal staff are benefited  from internet access.

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For many patients, being at a hospital or medical care can be very painful, and the deprivation of the outside world can make this experience  worse. The possibility of being connected can improve the routine of the patient, who even under clinical care can maintain contact  with their family, friends, work and be informed about everything outside the hospital. Communication is very important nowadays  and giving patients the ability to be connected, send emails, interact with social media, makes their stay more enjoyable.

In addition to all the benefits offered to patients, the installation of Wi-Fi networks also benefits employees in general. Through better coverage, it has become possible for doctors and nurses to make better use of palmtops connected to the wireless network without having to reconnect with every change of room or floor.

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Treatment of alcoholism

Alcohol addiction is a disease from a medical point of view. The substrate of this disease may be a primary and a secondary. As for the secondary substrate, it is requesting the patient’s mental disorder, disease neurotic, depressive disorders, psychotic, ADHD or personality disorder.

Complex treatment of alcoholism

Given the complexity of the problems arising from alcohol addiction, treatment requires a complex, multi- step and personalized therapeutic effects, both psychotherapeutic and pharmacological sometimes. Patient need professional help to recovery and become aware that drinking alcohol is a serious problem, not only for him but also for his family. Treatment conduct by specialists deal with any kind of addiction is describe at this website –

Motivation as one of the most important thing

a. During treatment extremely important is patient’s motivation. A patient who has reasons to recover is much more involved in all the action, trying to be much more than a person poorly motivated.

b. It is important that the patient come to terms with the fact of addiction. Many patients have a problem with that. They usually strongly deny their addiction.

c. Very often patients minimize, rationalize and try to find intellectual reasons for the need to drinking so much alcohol. Patients often blamed for their drinking other people and they do not their own responsibility for such situation. If the patient became aware that he has problem with drinking is much more likely to return to sobriety.


Effective treatment of alcohol problems

Heavy drinkers may, contrary to popular opinion, recover and stop drinking. Drinking alcohol addiction is both mental and physical.

– Psychological dependency is treated using the psychotherapy. The psychiatrist should motivate the patient for any action to fight with addiction. What is extremely important is of course support of the family of addicted person. They also could give a strong motivation for treatment and may convince that such therapy has make sens.

– Physical dependence is treated by pharmacological agents. It is also the use of outpatient treatment, which allows you to control the patient’s condition.

Psychotherapy of addictions

Psychotherapy is a process that is very time demanding. No one broke the habit in some day. Sometimes are needed months and years. The changes that must occur in patient relate primarily to his behavior, beliefs, habits, and relationships with others. The patient must re-learn how to react, feel and think without the factor causing addiction. Institution organizing treatment might be found there – rehab london.

Sessions which must be passed by the patient must be held in stationary conditions but sometimes it is necessary to conduct intensive outpatient treatment.

What is the treatment plan?

‘Every treatment must be based on a plan prepared by the therapist. The plan is agreed with a sick person and can also be modified is patient’s behavior will be changing. Many depend of the progress achieved by the patient. The plan is prepared individually for each patient. ‘

Pharmacological treatment

Nowadays, pharmacological treatment is not the primary method used to fight with addictions. Currently chemicals are mainly used in difficult cases, where the patient’s body is so hooked that alcohol withdrawal is associated with life threatening. In such a situation, only the right chemicals can help. Preparations enforce abstinence, because they reduce the feeling hungers alcohol or weaken the effects of alcohol. On the pharmacological treatment the patient must agree.


Treatment of alcoholism also includes treatment of the family

Rehab in Cardiff offers an effective treatment for people addicted to alcohol.

– Patients may benefit from psychological therapy but if the addiction is in a very advanced stage might also be necessary to use the detox and pharmacology.
– It is worth to remember that person must agree for such medical treatment, which often means that such person must be aware that he has a problem. During treatment is extremely important to remember also about patient’s family. Children can be affected by a major trauma and that is the reason why we should remember about them.

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Treatment of addiction depends primarily on the ability of psychotherapist

The treatment of alcohol addiction is possible thanks to the therapy. Learn more at website

I. The Centre carries out primarily the alcohol detox, which detoxifies the patient and then motivates to maintain abstinence.
II. The next step is the implementation of addiction therapy. There is very important the approach the doctor to the patient.
III. Psychotherapist must establish a relationship with the patient, so strong, that it was possible to change the awareness and perception of the world. The last step is to support a person’s sobriety.


Steps in effective treatment of alcohol abuse

Alcoholism can be cured in three main stages.

1) First of all, it is the detoxification of the body. The idea is to cut off the source of the patient’s addiction.

2) The next step is to proceed to the base and depth therapy. It is important to convince the patient to break the habit.

3) Base therapy is characterized by high intensity of therapeutic activities, group meetings, as well as individual meetings. Institution that take care of such patient might be found at-


Aspects useful in the diagnosis of alcohol problems

In Cardiff, rehab specialists deal with the treatment of different types of alcohol problems. Very important is however an appropriate diagnose of the problem.

A. About alcohol addiction we say when threhab cardiff patient feels strong and insistent need for alcohol consumption.

B. This is sometimes called an alcohol craving. Patient looses independence and self control in case of drinking alcohol. If a person has alcohol problem it is easy to notice because of the following symptoms: a muscular tremor, hypertension, as well as nausea and vomiting.