Heavy drinkers may, contrary to popular opinion, recover and stop drinking. Drinking alcohol addiction is both mental and physical.

– Psychological dependency is treated using the psychotherapy. The psychiatrist should motivate the patient for any action to fight with addiction. What is extremely important is of course support of the family of addicted person. They also could give a strong motivation for treatment and may convince that such therapy has make sens.

– Physical dependence is treated by pharmacological agents. It is also the use of outpatient treatment, which allows you to control the patient’s condition.

Psychotherapy of addictions

Psychotherapy is a process that is very time demanding. No one broke the habit in some day. Sometimes are needed months and years. The changes that must occur in patient relate primarily to his behavior, beliefs, habits, and relationships with others. The patient must re-learn how to react, feel and think without the factor causing addiction. Institution organizing treatment might be found there – rehab london.

Sessions which must be passed by the patient must be held in stationary conditions but sometimes it is necessary to conduct intensive outpatient treatment.

What is the treatment plan?

‘Every treatment must be based on a plan prepared by the therapist. The plan is agreed with a sick person and can also be modified is patient’s behavior will be changing. Many depend of the progress achieved by the patient. The plan is prepared individually for each patient. ‘

Pharmacological treatment

Nowadays, pharmacological treatment is not the primary method used to fight with addictions. Currently chemicals are mainly used in difficult cases, where the patient’s body is so hooked that alcohol withdrawal is associated with life threatening. In such a situation, only the right chemicals can help. Preparations enforce abstinence, because they reduce the feeling hungers alcohol or weaken the effects of alcohol. On the pharmacological treatment the patient must agree.