Rules for granting dental care within the National Health Fund

To take advantage of the public health care is not required referral. The patient may choose any dental institution in the whole country.

If the patient reports to a doctor with a toothache, it is necessary assistance on the same day.

As part of the public dental patient has the right to:

* Once a year free of charge to review the state of the oral cavity and receive instructions on oral hygiene

* Preventive examination three times a year

* Treatment of dental caries

* Single-canal treatment

* Removal of calculus

* Changes in the treatment of oral mucosa

* Removal of teeth

* Some surgical procedures

* X-ray of the oral cavity, twice a year, unless the use of guaranteed dental care,

* Anesthetic if necessary

* Prosthetic treatment once every 5 years

* A free repair dentures years 2 years

* Orthodontic treatment to 12 years of age and 13 years of age control the effects of orthodontic treatment.