A trip to a sanatorium in questions and answers

Who is entitled to take advantage of the spa treatment?

The rights to receive treatment and stay in a sanatorium are people for whom this visit is a continuation of the treatment of hospital or outpatient.

The second groups entitled to such treatment spa are persons who occupational diseases require this type of therapeutic treatments.

How long does it take a spa treatment?

Depending on the type of treatment to which the patient was assigned. Hospital treatment spa adult lasts 21 days, the child – 27 days.

Outpatient treatment of children and adults runs from 6 to 18 days.

Treatment in the sanatorium takes 21 days; it is in part paid for.

Who decides to grant a stay?

Referral issued by a doctor acting in the framework of the National Health Fund, it is then sent to the provincial branch of the National Health Fund where it is checked by a doctor expert in the field of balneotherapy and physical medicine and medical rehabilitation. It assesses the need for such treatment and assigns the spa, which aimed to be patient.