Alcoholism is a chronic illness marked by the uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages, which interferes with physical and mental health and with social, family or professional responsibilities. Alcohol are  the only drug accepted by society, therefore it is difficult to diagnose the difference between drinking socially, and being considered alcoholic. For this reasons if you have any of these symptoms below, the best option is   always to seek for a medical  help, in specialized clinic. Look –

The most  difficult step is always to accept the problem, and look for help, So here we list the main symptoms, of alcohol addiction:
-High Tolerance to the effects of alcohol, always need to drink more for experience alcohol effects
-Need for daily or frequent alcohol consumption for adequate performance
-Lack of control over alcohol consumption, with inability to stop or reduce intake
-Drink when you are alone,
-Make excuses to drink, if you happy, or sad , or stressed
-Episodes of memory loss associated with alcohol consumption (gaps)
-Episodes of violence associated with alcohol consumption
-Interference in social and family relationships or occupational responsibilities
-Behavioral problems such as failure to work
-Compulsion and uncontrollable urge to drink. One imagines himself incapable of abstinence.
-Unexplained mood swings, from euphoria to sadness
-Reserved behavior to conceal alcohol-related behavior
-Hostility when faced with alcohol consumption
-Neglect of food intake
-Neglect of physical appearance
-Morning tremor
-Abdominal pain
-Numbness and tingling
-Red and dilated facial capillaries (especially in the nose)
-Abstinence -Physical and psychic symptoms that appear when consumption is reduced or withdrawn, eg tremors, irritability, sweating, increased blood pressure, etc.
-The person starts to drink preventively to avoid the abstinence symptoms described above.
-Drinking becomes a priority.
-Desire or unsuccessful efforts to reduce or control substance use.

According to  the patient rehabilitated Paul Robertson “ For me was very hard to admit these drinking problems, but my life was going upside down, my family  bring me one that forms from one clinic, and I score 70% the answers to be considered alcoholic, from these point, i was sure that i need to fight for my life, looking for a treatment, was  the best solution. Because it was in the very begin, my treatment was pretty fast, and I could restart my life”

As alcoholism progresses  the  consumption  also takes place in inappropriate places such as the workplace, streets, public areas, because the person loose gradactivilly the control for their actions, and the sense of what is appropriate
For Tom Brown “ I  just took an action and look for help, after lost my job, things get out of control, at some point, and I couldn’t mind my life anymore”

It also very important to have a correct diagnostic, in order  to differentiate abusive consumption of alcohol from total dependence, because the treatment is totally different.