Alcohol problem can be treated by psychotherapy. But it is important to meet a good and committed professional who will carry out appropriate treatment therapy. Honestly, it is worth to remember that each person needs individual approach. There are no patterns that fit to all situations.

The initial phase

Initial phase defined in the psychotherapy of alcoholic addiction this moment, when the patient needs to start reducing drinking.

a. Sometimes it is not possible to stop drinking in the moment because it caused complications, craving and anxiety.

b. But to minimize the consumption of alcohol is a step in the right direction. During the initial phase, it is necessary to motivate the patient.

c. The patient is struggling not only with problems from the physical but also mental problems. Hawthorn is so large that sometimes the initial phase should be supported using chemical preparations.

Primary phase

i. Phase of which is to work with the patient, the aim of which is to alert him that he has a problem and that it needs to fight with this problem.

ii. Addicted person should first of all try to get a change of lifestyle. Health- promoting actions not only help to heal, but also cause the patient begins to feel better, sleep better and sees the advantages of sobriety.

iii. Such a change could have a positive impact on his attitude. The resort that offers treatment of addiction can be found on page