Alcohol addiction is a disease from a medical point of view. The substrate of this disease may be a primary and a secondary. As for the secondary substrate, it is requesting the patient’s mental disorder, disease neurotic, depressive disorders, psychotic, ADHD or personality disorder.

Complex treatment of alcoholism

Given the complexity of the problems arising from alcohol addiction, treatment requires a complex, multi- step and personalized therapeutic effects, both psychotherapeutic and pharmacological sometimes. Patient need professional help to recovery and become aware that drinking alcohol is a serious problem, not only for him but also for his family. Treatment conduct by specialists deal with any kind of addiction is describe at this website –

Motivation as one of the most important thing

a. During treatment extremely important is patient’s motivation. A patient who has reasons to recover is much more involved in all the action, trying to be much more than a person poorly motivated.

b. It is important that the patient come to terms with the fact of addiction. Many patients have a problem with that. They usually strongly deny their addiction.

c. Very often patients minimize, rationalize and try to find intellectual reasons for the need to drinking so much alcohol. Patients often blamed for their drinking other people and they do not their own responsibility for such situation. If the patient became aware that he has problem with drinking is much more likely to return to sobriety.