Although clinical care is the focus of any medical center, the demand for wireless technology in the modern world is more necessary  every day, and the healthcare sector would not be out of that need for long. Currently there are companies specialized in providing infrastructure hospitality wifi from this site – Patients, visitors and internal staff are benefited  from internet access.

Wi-Fi has become much more than an additional option to the services offered by any establishment, but rather a factor of customer choice.

For many patients, being at a hospital or medical care can be very painful, and the deprivation of the outside world can make this experience  worse. The possibility of being connected can improve the routine of the patient, who even under clinical care can maintain contact  with their family, friends, work and be informed about everything outside the hospital. Communication is very important nowadays  and giving patients the ability to be connected, send emails, interact with social media, makes their stay more enjoyable.

In addition to all the benefits offered to patients, the installation of Wi-Fi networks also benefits employees in general. Through better coverage, it has become possible for doctors and nurses to make better use of palmtops connected to the wireless network without having to reconnect with every change of room or floor.

Here are 3 areas which can be improved, by wifi implementation at the hospital.

  1. Improve staff productivity- integrate areas with ipad, palmtops, and other device.

  2. Increase patient satisfaction- more comfortable stay.

  3. Encourage visitors to come to the hospital – the visitors would be more satisfied to stay with a patient, while they can even work from the hospital.